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    Suzhou SLAC Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 and is engaged in the design and production of high-end equipment sets to be sold in global markets. It hasa group of research, development and design personnel of about 100. The company was successfully listed on Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 29th 2014.

    slac outside printing inspection system
    slac outside printin…
    Digital printing quality inspection system
    Digital printing qua…
    can vacuum tester
    can vacuum tester
    slac machine vision system battery shell
    slac machine vision …
    Compact Electrocoater
    Compact Electrocoate…
    Automatic Balancing System
    Automatic Balancing …
    Digital Printer
    Digital Printer
    E-MAIL:slac@slac.com.cn TEL:+86-512-66939207 66248543
    Add:1028 Sunwu Road,Wuzhong District,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China    621 Shixu Road,Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou Jiangsu, China    Copright Suzhou SLAC Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved
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